FSC First administers the Healthcare Capital Fund. The program is funded in partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System. Healthcare providers and businesses aiming to sustain and improve health are the targets for this loan and can use it to help expand their range of services. Here are three businesses that recently took advantage of this program.


Sankofa Health Center

Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center was founded by husband and wife Marcus and Tamisha Ponder. While Marcus has a background in business and Tamisha a background in health and wellness, they both have a love for fostering community relationships and wellness. In 2019, their entrepreneurial dream came true when they founded Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center. 

Located in Laurel Maryland, the community focused health and wellness studio sets itself apart with a focus on community health and a strive for inclusivity. They treat a diverse population of people with their services that include yoga classes, workplace wellness, message services, meditation and so much more. The couple’s goal is to provide integrative whole body care to individuals and families. 

In 2020 they expanded their business to include the Sankofa Health Center and are still growing. In addition to their yoga and wellness services, the sister center provides integrative urgent care and a medical clinic to the community.  FSC First’s Healthcare Capital Fund loan provided them with the additional capital needed to grow.  

With their steady growth, today they employ up to 50 people with a staff comprised of experienced licensed professionals in the health and wellness space. Moreover, the services they provide run daytime, evening and weekend sessions. The owners delight in offering culturally responsive healthcare so should you have a need to up your fitness, health care and wellness game Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center and Sankofa Health Center could be your perfect destination. Visit the Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center website to learn more.  


Self-Indulgent Medi Spa

Self-Indulgent Medi Spa, located in Hyattsville, Maryland, is owned by health care professional Janael Palmer. She founded the company with the goal of providing an environment where her clients could relax, release stress, and find internal peace through services like IV hydration, ultrasound body cavitation, weight management, meditation and more. These services are intended to “renew your mind, body and soul” explained Janael.

While the spa is open to all women wanting that self-indulgent luxury medi-spa experience, catering to the wellbeing of mothers is their specialty.  The owners nurse practitioner background makes her well acquainted with building effective health and wellness strategies for patients so it makes sense that she would venture into owning a health and wellness spa. Janael feels that indulging in the services her spa offers is one of the best remedies for the fatigue some mothers experience from motherhood and ignoring their own needs. 

With the help of FSC First’s Healthcare Capital Fund loan, Janael’s business opened its doors in May 2023 making her entrepreneurial dream a reality.  To stay up to date with this emerging spa’s upcoming services, visit the Self-Indulgent Medi Spa website where you can also get a free affirmation and self-care journal. 


V&B Ventures

Vegetable + Butcher was established in 2016 by Ariane Valle and Turner Hoff. It’s not just their love of food and a healthy lifestyle that inspired these business owners but also their commitment to impact: “When it comes to impact, food is unique in its ubiquity—it touches sustenance, health and wellness, climate, healthcare, and economic growth.  There is nothing more essential in impacting human lives, the health of our communities, and planet,” says Ariane.  

Ariane and Turner believe that having a “healthy and meaningful relationship with food” is foundational to living a healthy lifestyle and that what we eat has a significant impact on the quality of our lives. For that reason, all of V+B’s food and beverage products are plant-forward, gluten- and dairy-free, organic whenever possible, and nutritionally designed to make you feel energized, empowered, and focused throughout your day.

The Washington, DC based business has passed that five-year mark, after which 45% of US businesses don’t make it. They made it through the pandemic and have a team of more than 50 people. Washington City Paper readers named Vegetable and Butcher Best Food and Delivery Service in 2020.

Vegetable + Butcher is on a quest to transform how people eat and recently took advantage of FSC First’s Healthcare Capital Fund loan. The funds, made possible through our partnership with the University of Maryland Medical Systems, will support their current expansion project that entails building a new facility in Prince George’s County.  They started back in 2016 operating out of shared kitchens, then in 2019 they leased their own commercial kitchen space which they quickly outgrew due to the increased demand for their healthy meals. In 2021, they added a 10,000 square foot warehouse for handling fulfillment and distribution. Fast forward to today, they’ve been essentially running their business from multiple locations. 

The new headquarters in Prince Georges County will enable “us to once again centralize all of our operations, put our entire team under one roof, increase our production capacity, and allow us to continue to grow our serviceable area and reduce our operating costs” explained Turner. Getting the funding from FSC First has helped them adhere to their timeline and stay on target with their expansion plan. They also believe that the programs awarded them from FSC First and other state and county entities make this project more attractive for other third party lenders who can bridge the gap for the project’s remaining allocations.  

The increasing trend of consumers opting for healthier meal choices to improve their wellbeing doesn’t look like it’s ever going to lose steam. To learn more about the company and its “plant-forward, nourishing meals,” visit Vegetable +  Butcher’s website.


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