For 24 years, Shelly Gross-Wade, our indomitable President & CEO, has helped local borrowers, businesses, organizations and communities actualize their goals. As Shelly closes this chapter as FSC First’s lending leader extraordinaire, we want to communicate her impact by the numbers. It’s our pleasure to share Shelly Gross-Wade’s “greatest hits.” 

 Business Support and Technical Assistance Provided to Businesses:  

 2,553 Businesses   

Average Number of Businesses Assisted Annually: 102 Businesses  

Entrepreneurs hoping to launch or grow need capital, and they also need technical support and financial counseling to strengthen their positions. Over her 24 year tenure, Shelly helped 2,553 local businesses lift their communities, by brightening their financial futures. By helping qualified small, women, minority, veteran, and socially-disadvantaged entrepreneurs build credit, develop business plans, and identify resources, Shelly and the FSC First team are front-line partners of community businesses. 

Jobs Supported: 12,729 over last 25 Years; 10,416 over last 10 years 

A passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, Shelly clears pathways to capital and devises creative financing solutions for thousands of businesses. By helping businesses launch, expand, and achieve their potential, she’s supported 12,729 jobs throughout our region, with over 10,000 supported in the last decade alone.  

Loans Approved: $151,799,618 (Million) 

From working capital to clean energy upgrades, employee training to real estate, entrepreneurship is an expensive endeavor. Women, minority, and socially-disadvantaged entrepreneurs often face additional obstacles to access the capital to build and grow their businesses. By removing these hurdles and providing fair financing, Shelly stewards loan programs that position businesses for success. 

Loans Closed and Funded: $102,582,245 (Million) 

Closing Rate in Loan Amount: 68%  

As the adage goes, anyone can start the race, but crossing the finish line is what matters most. As a dedicated lender, FSC First prepares business loan candidates for every step of the process. From credit to financial planning, this journey requires education, responsibility, and persistence to achieve the end result. Shelly’s commitment to borrowers closed over $100 million in loans over the last 24 years, opening doors to entrepreneurship for many deserving businesses.  

Additional Public/Private Funds Attracted: $1,489,857,122 (Billion) 

Leverage Ratio Over 24-Year Period: 11:1  

Shelly’s 46 years as an economic development professional, civil employee, and financial leader helps her engage the public and private sectors in key projects. By uniting public and private stakeholders in a shared vision, Shelly helps businesses attract new investors and create support systems that build capacity. The momentum resulting from one business development project impacts others, spurring public and private investment throughout communities.   

Tax Assessment Value: $246,510,436 (Million) 

Additional Taxes Collected Annually $3,518,703 (Million) 

Tax revenue matters, as it funds public services and social programs within communities. Under Shelly’s direction, the commercial real estate properties in FSC First’s portfolio grew in tax assessment value from $95,807,764 to $342,318,200. This 67% increase in assessment value improves the worth of businesses, neighborhoods, and communities in meaningful ways. 

This holiday season, we at FSC First express our heartfelt thanks to our colleague, champion, and friend, Shelly Gross-Wade. Thank you for leading with clarity, humility, and creativity; you will be missed!  


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