Sew Creative Lounge: positioned to keep the art form of sewing thriving in Prince George’s County and beyond.

Cecily Habimana’s affection for sewing began in her youth watching her mother sew clothes for family members. Fast forward to 2017, she and her co-owner, Tisha Thorne, established Sew Creative Lounge with pop up classes they facilitated at locations around town. Their first brick and mortar location kicked off in Mt Rainier and business was doing well. However, during the pandemic (COVID 19), they had to pivot and moved their classes online. Virtual classes coupled with a nationwide membership and rewards program they started during the pandemic worked well and helped the business excel in growth. Today a large percentage of their business income comes from online.

In Sew Creative Lounge classes, their expert sewing staff teach participants how to sew and about essential tools anyone interested in creating their own garments and sewing projects can use. They have a large collection of African fabrics and cotton patterns. The products they provide are perfect for customers wanting to make beautiful sewing creations like clothing accessories and more.

FSC First’s Mount Rainier Million Dollar Incentive Fund and the VLT Flex fund are the financial solutions Sew Creative Lounge have used to enhance their business success. “We just moved into a larger facility that is part of a reorganization and strategic expansion to make our business more profitable and better serve our customers” shared Cecily. Furthermore, leaning deeper into their knowledge base will enable them to expand their virtual class options even more and bring greater value to their clients.

Cecily and her business partner Tisha Thorne had a grand opening for their Lanham, MD location in October celebrating not just the opening but creativity and community. Did you know this small black owned business generated a million in revenue last year! In September they hosted their Sew Much Soul virtual conference that brought together arts and crafts enthusiasts. On top of that, they hosted a fireside chat with the iconic Phylicia Rashad at the event. These business owners are excited about their vision for the future and FSC First is delighted to be a part of their success journey.

Visit Sew Creative Lounge to learn more about the owners and the business.

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