On Wednesday November 17th, the FSC First Board of Directors hosted the organization’s first Small Business Lending Roundtable event. Presented by Chairwoman of the Board, Diane Brown, the purpose of this event was for small business and resource partners alike to share their lending experiences with FSC First in an open and safe environment.

The keynote speaker, Ron Stubblefield of Pacific Community Ventures (pictured below), shared his expertise on how historic practices of racism has impacted the Black and Latin business owner. “This was a really wonderful discussion we had here today,” said Stubblefield. “To really speak to what we need to do to support minority-owned business owners, but [also] give a deeper understanding as to why we have these problems to begin with.

Team FSC First also worked together to source a panel of 4 diverse FSC First borrowers who could share insight on their lending experiences with the organization. Moderated by FSC First’s Senior Vice President of Business Financing Programs, Dawn Medley, the panel discussion included Rod Wheeler of ACEDMVJennifer Ramos of Jen’s Contracting Group LLCJamila Logan of Navah Physical Therapy, LLC, and April Richardson of Food Opportunity, LLC.

FSC asked us what they could do better,” exclaimed Richardson. “How many times do you get a lender that actually wants to hear the criticism not only to write it down, but to implement it and do better. These are the relationships that we need.” 

The feedback shared will be reflected in the implementation of new programs and services. 

View event images here. 


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