Prolocity, a highly regarded full-service Salesforce consultancy service, conducted a case study on FSC First. As we transitioned into utilizing Salesforce for our newly updated loan application, Prolocity insured that we received premier service.

On behalf of our Chief Financial Officer and Project Manager, Beverly Everson-Jones, please see our Case Study with Prolocity below.

“To ensure a successful partnership with a high quality technology provider, FSC First solicited input from Salesforce on its approved vendor list and conducted broad research as well as detailed interviews of top candidate firms.  Prolocity was selected based upon its client recommendations, ability to deliver a strategic phased approach and credentials of its project team,” said Everson-Jones.

Our Senior Vice President, Dawn Medley, joined Beverly to ensure the highest and most effective level of customization for our Loan Administration Team’s input, as well as data sourcing and reporting as needed.

Read the full case study here:


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