From start-up incubation to overseeing government contracts, QC Jones brings a wealth of business acumen and proficiency to his role on FSC First’s Board of Directors. Throughout his career, Jones has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enabling both individuals and businesses to achieve their goals. In this blog, we delve into Jones’s remarkable history and invaluable contributions to FSC First’s mission.

Jones’s journey into the business world started with identifying inefficiencies while employed in the government sector in Illinois. This experience ignited his desire to create impactful change, leading to roles in managing contracts in the health and human services sector nationwide. During this time, Jones realized his potential as a government contractor and started his first company, TMI Solutions, in 2001. His motivation has always been fueled by a deep passion for helping people achieve their goals.

“It’s all about passion,” Jones said. “The companies I founded have all been centered around helping people. And I think that passion for helping people accomplish their goals is what gets me up in the morning and keeps me up late at night, trying to figure out how to continue that passion.”

Jones’s commitment to supporting others led him to FSC First, an organization with shared values and a dedication to enabling businesses to flourish. His association with FSC First began when TMI Solutions received its first loan from the organization.

This relationship with FSC First developed over the years, and as he moved to his current company, Nolan Mackenzie, he expressed his intent to join FSC First’s Board of Directors, marking the start of his substantial involvement within the organization.

In his role at FSC First, Jones is instrumental in analyzing financial and loan packages for businesses aiming for growth. He is also keen on contributing to FSC First’s programming, which offers technical assistance to businesses in Maryland.

“FSC First is not just a lender but an organization that truly cares about the growth and development of the companies that seek its resources. And if organizations and businesses are looking for an organization that cares, then FSC First is that organization.”

He emphasizes that the engagement between FSC First and the businesses continues to evolve and adjust as the companies grow and diversify. Jones points out the FSC First’s Level Up program as a representation of the organization’s commitment to its mission, with its regular collaboration with partner organizations.

Because of FSC First’s commitment to investing in local businesses, Jones thinks the company’s future is bright: “I see nothing but opportunity, both for FSC First as well as those companies that are ready for that initial funding.”

QC Jones’s dedication to helping businesses thrive and FSC First’s commitment to fostering success ensures a bright future for small businesses in Prince George’s County and Maryland. Together, they are creating a thriving ecosystem where entrepreneurial dreams can become reality.


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