We have been working diligently to provide relief and technical assistance to the business community. As we shift our gear to focus on post-COVID-19 efforts, we are dedicated to delivering the utmost support during these trying times. FSC First along with many other county entities have established a number of recovery efforts to help your businesses pick back up after fallout. Through the Prince George’s County Business Recovery Initiative Grant program, we have been able to financially assist over 300 businesses.

Prince George’s County Business Recovery Initiative Grant Recipients

FSC First and The Prince George’s County Economic Development Cooporation are pleased to announce that we have been able to financially assist over 300+ Prince George’s County businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Congratulations!

Business Name City Amount Awarded Funds Usage
03 Technologies LLC Capitol Heights $ 110,000 Operating expenses
1000 Degrees Pizza – Woodmore Lanham $ 20,000 Lease, payroll and other operating expenses.
1208 Beauty Bar LLc Laurel $ 5,000 Operating expenses
21st Century Expo Group Capitol Heights $ 60,000 Payroll, Rent, Utilities, and employee health benefits
360 Global Logistics Inc Riverdale $ 50,000 Rent and utilities.
A & T Family Medical Berwyn Heights $ 25,000 Payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
AAP Driving School Adelphi $ 55,000 Pay rent, pay insurance, utilities, etc.
Aaron I Linchuck DDS, PA Berwyn Heights $ 35,000 Payroll and PPE
Accounting & Tax Solutions Largo $ 50,000 Operating expenses
Actaeon LLC Beltsville $ 5,000 Payroll, Rent, Insurance, and equipment
AD & C Management Company Greenbelt $ 60,000 Payroll, Fixed Expenses, rent, insurance, and office equipment
Adrian Wilcox Agency Largo $ 15,000 Operating expenses
Adventures by Dawn Accokeek $ 110,000 payroll and operating expenses
AGA Group LLC Lanham $ 25,000 Payroll
AIM Innovations, LLC Landover $ 15,000 Payroll
Akachi Primary & Urgent Care Glenn Dale $ 30,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Al Bratton’s Tax Strategies Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
Alan R. Heller Laurel $ 20,000 Rent and PPE
All Star Carpet Bedding & Furniture Co Beltsville $ 25,000 Rent, utilities, wages, and other similar business expenses.
All Star Flooring, Inc Beltsville $ 60,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, healthcare, and other expenses
ALSeason Auto Care, Inc. Bladensburg $ 20,000 Payroll, lease, utility and for business operating expense.
Altro Janitorial and Maintenance Services LLC Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Payroll, rent, and insurance
Amanda Preske (Circuit Breaker Labs) Capitol Heights $ 5,000 supply expenses, utilities, and payroll
Amaryllis Inc Landover $ 100,000 Payroll and payroll benefits
America’s Restoration Services LLC Capitol Heights $ 65,000 Operating expenses
American Cabling Company Bowie $ 75,000 Payroll and payroll benefits
American Wool Cashmere Inc Beltsville $ 10,000 Payroll, rent, business expense, warehouse, and insurance
AmeriWell Chiropractic Takoma Park $ 50,000 Payroll, employee benefits (health and retirement), rent and utilities
AMWELL Orthopaedic Physical Therapy LLC Berwyn Heights $ 35,000 Payroll, utilities, and PPE
Angarai International Inc. Greenbelt $ 50,000 Payroll, Rent, and critical services
Another Level Group Hyattsville $ 55,000 Payroll, Rent, Utilities
Apex Restaurant – Ledos OXON HILL $ 60,000 Payroll, Rent, Insurance, and utilities
Apollo Enterprises Hyattsville $ 100,000 Rent, Payroll, and Working Capital costs.
Arelis Beauty Services Inc College Park $ 15,000 Payroll and PPE
Arnold Kirshenbaum MD PA Glenn Dale $ 20,000 Payroll, mortgage, and PPE
Around Robin Production Company Capitol Heights $ 7,500 Business and Legal insurance
Arthritis & Pain Associates Greenbelt $ 60,000 payroll, medical supplies, rent
Ashmar International Technology Inc Lanham $ 5,000 Payroll and supplies
Atlas Realty Lanham $ 50,000 Payroll and contractor expenses
Atomic Music Inc Beltsville $ 55,000 Rent and Inventory
Aurora Technical Systems LLC Bowie $ 25,000 Payroll, remote work set-up (equipment, software, phone system)
Auto Assets Temple Hills $ 15,000 PPE
Avant-Garde Engineering Technology, LLC Bowie $ 40,000 payroll, health care premiums, rent, and existing debt obligations.
Avedon USA LLC Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Rent and utilities
Avora Inc. Hyattsville $ 30,000 Payroll
B4U Temple Hill Inc Temple Hills $ 20,000 payroll and operating expenses
B4U Upper Marlboro Inc Upper Marlboro $ 20,000 payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments
Backroad Transportation Clinton $ 50,000 Payroll
Bagel Zone of College Park LLC College Park $ 60,000 Payroll, PPE, and Operating Expenses
Banks and Associates Inc Bladensburg $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, utilities and other basic operating cost
Bathroom Resurface Service Inc Brandywine $ 55,000 Payroll, Payroll taxes, rent, and other operating expenses
BBA Martial Arts Inc Fort Washington $ 15,000 Rent and supplies
BD Management Inc Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Payroll
Beauty Couture Inc Forrestville $ 25,000 Rent, fixed debt payments and PPE Inc Capitol Heights $ 35,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Beauty4U Inc. Temple Hills $ 75,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Beltsville Construction Supply Inc. Beltsville $ 10,000 Payroll, utilities, and PPE
Ben and Brian Games LLC College Park $ 75,000 Rent and other operating expense.
Benons LLC Bowie $ 100,000 Payroll, office lease, vehicle leases, insurances, fuel cost etc.
Berry’s Children Dental of Bowie Bowie $ 100,000 Supplies, PPE, rent, loan payments, and utilities
Best Sweet Frog LLC Oxon Hill $ 50,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Bethel Regency Homes LLC Beltsville $ 35,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and other loan obligations prior to February 2020.
Big Chips N 2 Hair LLC Oxon Hill $ 7,500 Rent, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
BLE Executive & Virtual Office Suites LLC Largo $ 75,000 Payroll and operating expenses
BNC USA Inc Beltsville $ 50,000 Rent, payroll, utility, supply
Bowie Coffee LLC Bowie $ 40,000 Payroll, rent, fanchise fees etc
Bowie Produce Company Inc. Landover $ 100,000 Operational costs
Bowie Town Behavorial Services Inc Bowie $ 30,000 payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments
Brey Corp dba Hobby Works Laurel $ 100,000 Rent, Utilities, Payroll, Other general and admin. expenses, Inventory purchases
Briar Patch Shredding & Recycling Lanham $ 50,000 Market research and equipment
Bright Horizon Ventures LLC Mitchellville $ 5,000 Payrolls, mortgage liabilities on rental properties, rent liability for office location, utilities, and for supplies
Brightleaf Properties, LLC Landover $ 25,000 Payroll, Mortgage Payments, Utilities, and Operating Expenses
Bruce T. Blake Insurance Agency College Park $ 15,000 Payroll, utilities, business expenses, and mortgage
Brussell Services LLC Hyattsville $ 25,000 Payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
BuildSol LLC Lanham $ 15,000 Payroll, rent, and office expenses
C & M Contractors Services Inc. Lanham $ 75,000 Payroll
Cabinets Direct LLC Lanham $ 60,000 Payroll and working capital
Cachet Hair and Beauty Studio Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 PPE, rent and sanitation
Calverton Shoe Repair & Barbershop Beltsville $ 10,000 Rent and fixed exp
CAM Physical Therapy Laurel $ 85,000 Rent expenses and suppliers
Cameau Enterprises LLC dba Campspace Hyattsville $ 7,500 Rent,utilities, and payroll
Capitol Cadillac Company Greenbelt $ 100,000 Payroll, utilities and other costs
Casablanca Café Upper Marlboro $ 35,000 payroll, ppe
Caseys Coffee College Park $ 30,000 PPP and fixed exp
CB Auto Sales LLC Laurel $ 2,500 Payroll and operating expenses
CDL Inc Fort Washington $ 30,000 Payroll, credit cards debt and supplies procurement
Cedar Care LLC Lanham $ 25,000 PPE and Payroll
Centered Support, LLC Laurel $ 5,000 Rent, working capital, utilities, and payments due to vendors
Century Painting, LLC Lanham $ 50,000 Payroll, tax payments and other operating expenses.
Cetrano, Burke & Costner Hyattsville $ 25,000 rent, payroll, ppe
Charlene Mitchell Fort Washington $ 5,000 Marketing for digital platform
Chez La Ross Hospitality Bowie $ 5,000 Operating Expenses
Children First LLC Largo $ 50,000 Payroll, PPE, and Fixed Operating Expenses
Children’s Empowerment Group LLC Largo $ 7,500 Rent and fixed exp
Choice Clinical Services LLC Greenbelt $ 40,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, IT services, office supplies, and Merchant processing fees
Clearview Optics LLC Temple Hills $ 30,000 PPE and Fixed Expenses
ColeStevens Salon Greenbelt $ 25,000 Inventory, rent, staff, and operating expenses
Columbia Enterprises General Contracting Camp Springs $ 50,000 Payroll
Community Investment Remodelers Capitol Heights $ 25,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Conquest Solutions LLC Greenbelt $ 60,000 Payroll, Rent and Utilities
Corenic Construction Group LLC Lanham $ 100,000 PPE, sanitation, payroll
Cornucopia INC DBA Bond Events Hyattsville $ 50,000 Payroll and PPE
Corporate Express Transportation Inc Temple Hills $ 25,000 Payroll, operations and PPE
Corporate Wheels LLC Upper Marlboro $ 25,000 Operating expenses
Creation Learning Aftercare Suitland $ 10,000 PPE, rent
Crowned Grace Inc Lanham $ 50,000 PPE and Payroll
CSTL, Inc Forestville $ 25,000 Rent, fixed debt payments and other expenses
Cursor Logistics Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Rent
Cuts Unlimited Inc Forestville $ 30,000 Working capital,payroll,Rent,and Pay fixed debt.
Cynthia Cephas Photography Mitchelville $ 15,000 PPE and Salary
Dade Star Group Fort Washington $ 10,000 Payroll
Daphia dba Terrapins Turf College park $ 100,000 Rent, PPE, payroll and supplies
DAPO Group LLC Upper Marlboro $ 15,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Darmon Medical Services DBA Lakewood Family Clinic Largo $ 30,000 PPE and Rent
Dastani Enterprises Inc Bowie $ 100,000 Rent, utiliites and payroll
David E. Harmon Jr. DDS Mitchelville $ 75,000 PPE, Rent, Sanitation
DC East Lanham $ 60,000 Payroll, Insurance, Utilities, and Supplies.
DC West Hotel LLC College Park $ 75,000 Operating expenses
DCV LLC Greenbelt $ 60,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, debt service
DD Enterprises, Inc Forestville $ 100,000 Payroll and other operating expenses
Deanna Robinson Fitness LLC Mitchellville $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, merchant fees, and other critical operating costs.
Declichy Fashions Hyattsville $ 7,500 Payroll, rent, utilities, and outstanding debt
Delta Ice Inc Bowie $ 15,000 Rent, payroll, utilities, and PPE
Dental Land Pediatrics Bowie $ 35,000 PPE and Payroll
Derek C Ego-Osuala LLC Clinton $ 50,000 rent, payroll, ppe
Diamond Interior Designs LLC Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Dickey & Associates LLC Largo $ 10,000 Payroll
Discocentro Zodiac Inc Hyattsville $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, and other operating expenses
Discreet Limos LLC Riverdale $ 5,000 PPE
DiTech Consulting LLC Largo $ 5,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
DNA Fitness dba Curves of Glenn Dale Dunkirk $ 20,000 PPE and Sanitation
Donald Witter DDS Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Payroll, mortgage and utilities
Donna Enterprises LLC Bowie $ 15,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Dr. Alexander C. Nnuabe & Assoc. P.A. dba Visual Eyes Mitchelville $ 75,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Dr. Monica Cross, Doctor of Optometry Inc Laurel $ 25,000 Rent, fixed debt payments, electronic medical record service, utilities and payroll.
DSSP Consulting Inc Oxon Hill $ 10,000 Utilities, Lease, and Payroll
DXT Therapeutic Services Forestville $ 100,000 Payroll and rent
DY Food Wholesalers LLC Cheverly $ 5,000 Payroll and Fixed Operating Expenses
Dynamic Service Integration Corp Largo $ 15,000 Payroll , rent, internet, etc.
E GENERATION CORPORATION Largo $ 100,000 PPE, payroll and fixed exp
East Coast Building Supply Co. Inc. Forestville $ 75,000 Payroll and payroll benefits
East Coast Shellfish LLC Annapolis $ 30,000 Rent and fixed exp
East Gate Cleaners Lanham $ 10,000 Rent, utilities, and payroll
Elder’s Inc Fort Washington $ 50,000 Payroll, rent, utilities and operating expenses.
Elite Edge Athletics LLC dba Athletic Republic Capitol Region District Heights $ 75,000 PPE, rent and fixed exp
Ell Hair Company Bowie $ 10,000 Payroll, rent,insurance,utilities and basic supplies.
ELY Inc. Forestville $ 10,000 Payroll, healthcare, rent and utilities
Engineering Staffing Solutions LLC Upper Marlboro $ 15,000 Payroll and rent
Eric Kruszewski Media LLC Greenbelt $ 10,000 Salary
Essentially Everything Events Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 payroll
Ethnicities LLC Bowie $ 10,000 Payroll, suppliers, and other operating expenses
Events by J. Avery District Heights $ 35,000 Payroll, rent and operating expenses
Evergreen ATM LLC Laurel $ 5,000 Payroll
Executive Electrolysis Inc Beltsville $ 15,000 Rent, utilities, insurance fees
F & O Transportation Service Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Payroll, Vaccines, and other expenses
Felicia C. Everett Insurance Agency College Park $ 15,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
Fielding Son Trash Service LLC Upper Marlboro $ 15,000 PPE
Fit2Function-Pilates, Inc. Upper Marlboro $ 75,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Fitness Martial Arts Beltsville $ 20,000 PPE and Payroll
Flavors Culinary Group Fort Washington $ 40,000 Payroll, office rent and utilities
Foodservice Contracting LLC Greenbelt $ 15,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Ford Management Services Upper Marlboro $ 50,000 PPE and Payroll
Franklin General Store Hyattsville $ 100,000 Payroll, PPE and fixed exp
Front Street Management LLC Bowie $ 30,000 Rent and fixed exp
G & D Construction Lanham $ 30,000 Payroll, PPE, Sanitation, and Operating Expenses
Garrett M Bradford Brentwood $ 5,000 Salary
Gaskins and Scott PA Greenbelt $ 5,000 Rent
Geddis Law Firm LLC Largo $ 5,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
GEM Optical Riverdale $ 15,000 PPE and RENT
Geppetto Catering Company, Inc. Riverdale $ 10,000 Suppliers, Vehicle Expenses, Independent Contractors, Repairs and Maintenance, Trash Removal
Gizaw Brothers Brentwood $ 20,000 rent and fixed exp
GLC Integrity Services Inc. Bowie $ 50,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and PPE
Global Connect LLC Lanham $ 15,000 Rent, payroll, and operational expenses
Glorious Cleaning Services College Park $ 15,000 PPE and sanitation supplies
GN Bowie LLC Bowie $ 45,000 Utilities, rent, payroll, supplies, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
GN Crystal LLC Laurel $ 65,000 Operating expenses, supplies, rent and fixed debt payments.
God’s Business Plan Bowie $ 5,000 PPE and Equipment
Green Coast Services College $ 100,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Greenbelt Children Center Greenbelt $ 70,000 PPE, rent
Greenbelt Dental Associates LLC Greenbelt $ 25,000 PPE, Rent, and Payroll
Greenbelt Foods LLC dba Colette’s Café Greenbelt $ 5,000 Pay rent, fixed cost and employees salaries.
Greenway Endocrinology, PA Greenbelt $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, and other expenses
GS Consulting and Communications INC Bowie $ 5,000 Payroll
Gunita Singh LLC College Park $ 55,000 Payroll, rent, dental supplies
Habimana Enterprises LLC Mount Rainier $ 20,000 Rent and fixed exp
Hair + Space Blowdry and Beauty Bar College Park $ 5,000 Payroll and Rent
Hair and Beauty City Laurel $ 7,500 PPE, Rent, and Fixed Expenses
Hall Station Cleaners Bowie $ 25,000 rent, payroll, utilities
Hampton Inn & Suites Camp Springs $ 60,000 payroll, utilities and small bills.
Harris & Harris Wealth Management Group LLC Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
Harry & Sons Inc Brentwood $ 100,000 Payroll, rent, and other essential Working Capital costs
Hawkeye Medical LLC Lanham $ 35,000 Payroll, vendors, and rent
Healthcare Service Partners LLC Laurel $ 20,000 Operating expenses
Healthy Living Ventures LLC Bowie $ 75,000 Rent, PPE and fixed exp
Higher Ground Transportation Services, Inc. Bowie $ 35,000 Insurance and car lease payments
Hillgate LLC Bowie $ 15,000 Payroll, Rent, and Utilities
Hilton Garden Inn Greenbelt Greenbelt $ 75,000 Payroll
HNC of Annapolis INC. Bowie $ 2,500 Fixed Operating Expenses
Holmes Mechanical Contractors LLC Capitol Heights $ 60,000 Payroll
Hospitality Development Company III LLC dba Courtyard Bowie MD Bowie $ 100,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Hospitality Development II LLC Columbia $ 100,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Hospitality Management of Capitol Heights Capitol Heights $ 100,000 Payroll
Hot Yoga Riverdale Riverdale Park $ 60,000 Payroll, Rent, Insurance, and equipment
HP Pest Solutions Glenarden $ 30,000 Rent, PPE, and utilities
Hutchinson Design Group Fort Washington $ 20,000 PPE and Rent
HVORA Inc. Fulton $ 25,000 Payroll and Fixed Operating
I&B Transportation Inc Clinton $ 80,000 Payroll, operating expenses and debt payments
Image First Outfitters LLC dba Marked Promotions Bowie $ 75,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities.
iMind Health LLC Camp Springs $ 30,000 Payroll, rent, and PPE
In His Hands Massage Therapy Laurel $ 5,000 Operating costs, rent, utilities, debt accumulated and payroll.
Incredible Designs LLC Hyattsville $ 10,000 Rent, utilities, payroll and operating expenses.
Inder Trading Inc Hyattsville $ 15,000 Rent, inventory, and other expenses
Indian Hwy Subway Accokeek $ 75,000 Payroll, rent, utilities and other expenses.
Innovations 200 LLC Fort Washington $ 2,500 Payroll and fixed business and operating expenses
Instituto de Educacion Infantil College Park $ 20,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Intelligent Solution Corporation Forestville $ 10,000 Payroll and rent.
Interdynamics Inc Landover $ 10,000 Payroll, rent, IT services, and utilities
Intrepid Imperial LLC Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Working capital and operating expenses
Intuitive Group Capitol Heights $ 10,000 Payroll and rent
Ishmael Dawud Camp LLC District Heights $ 5,000 Payroll, operating expenses, rent, etc
Issa Yusuf MD PA Glenn Dale $ 40,000 PPE, payroll and fixed exp
J and A Transport Inc Bowie $ 10,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
J Frank LLC Greenbelt $ 25,000 Office expenses
J.A.J.M. Inc Laurel $ 15,000 Payroll,rent,utilties, and loan payments
J.D. Clark Professional Services LLC Upper Marlboro $ 20,000 Rent, utilities, supplies and accounts payable
J&C Homes Inc Fort Washington $ 25,000 Payroll and other operating expenses
J&J Entertainment Group Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Supplies, equipment, warehouse rental, staff, and software
JAISTYLE LLC Suitland $ 7,500 Rent, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
Janus Contractors Beltsville $ 60,000 Payroll, paying suppliers, rent and automobile payments.
Jardco Inc dba Mr Handyman Brandywine $ 20,000 Payroll, Leases, Utilities.
Jeen Sung Hong dba Magic Touch Cleaners Capitol Heights $ 10,000 Rent, utilities, supplies and operating expenses
Jerome L Taylor Trucking Inc Hyattsville $ 60,000 Payroll, operating costs, and working capital
Jiivana Life Yoga & Wellness Upper Marlboro $ 40,000 Payroll expenses, past due rent and utilities.
Jituu Ltd College Park $ 25,000 Payroll, utilities, insurance, and other expences
JL Michaels Custom Clothier LLC Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Rent and supplies
JMJ General Restoration Lanham $ 10,000 Payroll, insurance, and rent
Jo Iron Works LLC Brentwood $ 7,500 Office and Shop Rent payment
John John Inc TBA ANT Towing Hyattsville $ 35,000 Payroll
JOSA Landscaping Services Inc Upper Marlboro $ 35,000 Rent and fixed exp
Julian Coates Insurance Agency LLC Clinton $ 20,000 Operating Expenses
K & W Plumbing LLC Bowie $ 55,000 Payroll, suppliers, company office mortgage, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
K O Davis Enterprises LLC Upper Marlboro $ 2,500 Rent, utilities, and required operating expenses.
K&V Limousine Service LLC Capitol Heights $ 110,000 Rent, equipment, and loans
Kanu Patel, M.D. P.A. Greenbelt $ 25,000 Payroll, Rent, Suppliers
Kapri Home Services Co. Mount Rainier $ 25,000 Payroll, company vehicle payments, mandatory liability insurance payments, vendor payments for operations
Kayo Video Production, Inc. Brandywine $ 15,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
KBIZ Inc. Hyattsville $ 20,000 Rents, utilities, and payroll
KC Enterprise Brandywine $ 2,500 PPE
Kenny Moy Brentwood $ 5,000 Payroll
KIKIM Company Inc Bowie $ 25,000 Payroll, rent, utilities
Kinetic Solutions LLC Brandywine $ 5,000 Payroll and operating funds
King Law PA Largo $ 5,000 Rent, contractors, and office supplies
L & R Enterprises Inc Hyattsville $ 50,000 Rent and fixed exp
L&N LLC New Carrolton $ 55,000 Vendor payments, payroll, rent, working capital
La Prima Food Group Inc College Park $ 100,000 Rent, payroll and fixed exp
Lamaha Hospitality dba InStyle Caterers Suitland $ 50,000 Rent and other operating costs
Landover Hills Mobil Inc. Landover Hills $ 30,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and vendors
Lanham Lodging (Hampton Inn) Glenarden $ 10,000 Payroll, mortgage, utilities, maintenance and supplies.
Largo Hotel LLC Greenbelt $ 75,000 PPE and sanitation
LaShawn Ghani Landover $ 10,000 PPE, Rent, Sanitation
Latino Laundromat Hyattsville $ 45,000 Payroll, rent, and operating expenses
Laurel Dental Associates PC Laurel $ 30,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and supplies.
Laurel Laser Dentistry Laurel $ 50,000 Operating cost, rent, payroll, and PPE
Laurel Laundromat LLC Laurel $ 20,000 Payroll and utilities
Lauren Rodgers MD PC Oxon Hill $ 30,000 Payroll and rent
Law Office of McKenzie & Tehrani LLC Greenbelt $ 10,000 rent
Law Offices of Sherri Jones Clinton $ 5,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Legacy Partners Distribution LLC Largo $ 50,000 Payroll, rent, marketing, PPE
Lempugh Inc. Laurel $ 10,000 Payroll and Operating Costs
Lendana Construction Company LLC Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Working capital, rent, and utilities
Life Stream Health Care Center Bowie $ 50,000 Payroll, PPE, Sanitation, and Operating Expenses
LinkIT Bowie $ 5,000 Utilities, office supplies, rent, and marketing
Lion of Judah Mass Transit LLC Bowie $ 2,500 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Little Caesars Pizza (Greenbelt) Greenbelt $ 15,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Little Caesars Pizza (Lanham) Greenbelt $ 15,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Locxurious LLC Clinton $ 10,000 PPE and rent
Logistique LLC Beltsville $ 2,500 Payroll
Looper Consulting LLC Bowie $ 15,000 payroll and exp
Lucian Enterprises Inc Bladensburg $ 25,000 Rent, payroll, fixed operating expenses
M & SR Enterprises Bowie $ 50,000 Rent, payroll, pay expenses related to spoilage, utilities, repairs and maintenance.
Madre USA Corp Riverdale Park $ 20,000 payroll , PPE, rent
Maggin, Margolis, Moy & Tadikonda LLD Laurel $ 35,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
Magnolia Dental LLC Mitchellville $ 10,000 Rent, payroll,PPE, and utilities.
Maiya Kathryn Design Hyattsville $ 2,500 Payroll and business operating costs
Majestic Grounds LLC Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Payroll and equipment
Major Image LLC Bowie $ 10,000 Rent and utilities
Major Medical LLC Clinton $ 45,000 Payroll, utilities, rent, and PPE
Mane Attraction Hair Weaving Mitchellville $ 7,500 Lease and operating expenses
Mani G & Madhu M & Manu R Patel (CADILLAC Motel) Brandywine $ 30,000 Payroll and fixed exp
Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning LLC Upper Marlboro $ 25,000 Payroll, rent, and equipment
Massey Financial Services LLC Fort Washington $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, software, and other operating expenses
Master Level Grooming Lounge Bowie $ 10,000 PPE, rent
Math Enrichment Tutor Center LLC Bowie $ 65,000 Working capital and business operations
Maximum Performance Physical Therapy Laurel $ 100,000 Payroll and overhead costs
McCabe, Weisberg & Conway LLC Laurel $ 100,000 Payroll, PPE, operating expenses
MCRTC Inc College Park $ 20,000 rent and fixed exp
Megha Patel Lanham $ 20,000 Rent,supplies,wages,insurance
Mel B Fitness LLC/ Posh Fit College Park $ 15,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Meson and Azoulay DDS Laurel $ 100,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Methods Therapy LLC Clinton $ 10,000 Payroll, rent at our office and utilities
Metro Technical Services Inc. Laurel $ 50,000 Payroll, utilities, marketing and rent
Metrolink Networks LLC dba Cloudforce Oxon Hill $ 10,000 Operating expenses
MF Communications Trade Inc Greenbelt $ 10,000 Payroll, utility, and rent payment
Michael Toby & Associates Inc. Largo $ 5,000 RENT
Miguel Wilson Collection National Harbor $ 10,000 rent
Mijung Inc (5 Bread & 2 Fish) Hyattsville $ 5,000 Rent, utilities, and payroll.
Milestone Title Largo $ 35,000 Payroll, rent and operating expenses.
Milk & Honey Café College Park $ 100,000 Rent, PPE, payroll
Minnick’s Inc. Laurel $ 50,000 Operating expenses, rent, insurance, vehicle payments, phone system, and computer system
Misspro African Braiding Mount Rainier $ 7,500 PPE and rent
MJB Holistic Hair Care Lanham $ 10,000 Rent and fixed exp
MOA Enterprises Inc Fort Washington $ 5,000 Rent and operating Expenses
Morgan and Saylor Realty Laurel $ 5,000 Office expense, supplies, and committed marketing expenses.
Morton Media Bowie $ 2,500 Fixed Operating Expenses
Mr. Car LLC Brentwood $ 50,000 Payroll, rent, and operating expenses
MSR Restaurant LLC Mitchellville $ 110,000 Payroll
Muse Technologies Inc. Lanham $ 20,000 Payroll and Overhead expense
MyWealthStore LLC Beltsville $ 5,000 Employee costs and attorney fees
N’Style Hair Grooming Barber and Salon Bowie LLC Bowie $ 15,000 Rent and utilities.
N’Style Hair Grooming Barber and Salon Capitol Heights LLC Capitol Heights $ 15,000 Rent and utilities.
N’Style Hair Grooming Barber and Salon Laurel LLC Laurel $ 15,000 Rent and utilities.
N&M Divine Cuisine & Events Beltsville $ 10,000 Rent and fixed exp
N3O Home Care LLC Largo $ 60,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and other business expenses
Nesbit and Associates LLC Largo $ 5,000 Rent, supplies, utilities etc
New Direction Therapeutic Services Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 PPE
New Olde Town Inn LLC Upper Marlboro $ 75,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Norkal Construction LLC Glenn Dale $ 5,000 Mortgage, Utilities, telephone, vehicles insurance, taxes, Office expenses
Now LLC Lanham $ 60,000 Payroll, Rent, supplies, equipment, and insurance
Nudawn Marketing Group Inc. Bowie $ 5,000 rent and fixed exp
NWBB Hauling Service Inc Temple Hills $ 5,000 Payroll, utilities and rent.
OBGYN Women’s Care PC Adelphi $ 55,000 Payroll, utilities, rent.
Odusami Law Firm Laurel $ 10,000 PPE, Rent, Salary
Our Children’s Child Care Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Operating expenses
Partners Electric Service, Inc Lanham $ 60,000 Payroll
Paul S. Cunningham M.D., L.L.C. Clinton $ 55,000 Payroll
Peg Leg Vintage, LLC Beltsville $ 30,000 Rent, utilities, insurance, and loan payments.
Personal Touch Medical Spa LLP Upper Marlboro $ 30,000 PPE, Rent, Payroll
Pete and Sons Inc dba Town Center Market Riverdale Park $ 85,000 Staffing, PPE
Phenomenal LLC Upper Marlboro $ 55,000 Payroll and utilities
Physical and Sports Rehab Largo $ 60,000 Payroll, working capital, rent payments.
Pirates Car Wash Glenn Dale $ 55,000 Payroll, Rent and Utilities
Pizza Zone of College Park LLC College Park $ 40,000 Payroll, operation expenses, rent, utilities, insurance, marketing
Porter House International Realty Group Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Pothole Repair Metro DC, LLC Upper Marlboro $ 60,000 Maintain staff and continue payroll and group health benefits; payment of Workers Compensation, General Liability and Auto Insurance; rent, and operational expenses.
Potomac Hospitality Group Bowie $ 60,000 Payroll, Operating Cost, Rent etc.
Precise Accounting and Tax Solutions Upper Marlboro $ 5,000 Operating Expenses
Preferred Title & Escrow, Inc Greenbelt $ 50,000 Payroll, fixed expenses, and insurance
Premier Eye Care Center LLC Bowie $ 10,000 Rent and other expenses
Premier Group Services Inc Lanham $ 60,000 Payroll
Primary Pediatrics Laurel $ 100,000 Payroll, rent and utilities, custodial services, medical and office supplies.
Prince George’s Plaza Pretzels Inc. AKA Auntie Anne’s Hyatsville $ 60,000 Outstanding bills, payroll and rent
Prince of Peace Home for Seniors Fort Washington $ 5,000 Operating expenses
Pro Spex Inc. Laurel $ 60,000 Operating Expenses. Payroll, Equipment, Training, New Hires
Pro Wash Inc. Clinton $ 60,000 Payroll , rent, and satisfy utility and other agreements.
Pro-Perform Spinal Health & Rehab Oxon Hill $ 5,000 Payroll and Rent
Progeny Enterprises Incorporated Fort Washington $ 25,000 Operating expenses
Puddin’ Capitol Heights $ 25,000 PPE and Fixed Expenses
Quality Assurance Home Improvement Company Inc Fort Washington $ 5,000 Rent and fixed exp
Quality Dental LLC Bowie $ 5,000 Payroll and rent
QuickFeet Soccer Training LLC New Carrollton $ 2,500 Payroll and operating expenses
QW Bowie Market Place Bowie $ 30,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
QW Forestville Inc District Heights $ 40,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
QW Woodmore Inc Lanham $ 30,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
Rajkumar G. Bhojraj MD, PC Bladensburg $ 5,000 PPE and Payroll
Ready Temps USA Inc Upper Marlboro $ 2,500 Payroll, suppliers, and fixed debt payments
Risk Alleviators Technologies Bowie $ 10,000 Payroll, PPE, Sanitation, and Operating Expenses
Robinson Poyner LLC Capitol Heights $ 5,000 Payroll, Utilities, Insurance, Business Mortgage, Supplies.
Rockstar Prep 4 Kids Inc. Mitchellville $ 55,000 Payroll, Rent, supplies, utilities and operating expenses.
Roland Plumbing Services Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 PPE
Roque Trucking Beltsville $ 10,000 Payroll
Rosa Rehab Temple Hills $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, utilities and supplies
Rosalyn W. Otiena, Attorney at Law Greenbelt $ 15,000 PPE and rent
Royal Service Center LLC Hyattsville $ 5,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
Russell Group LLC Bowie $ 55,000 Operating expenses, including payroll and rent.
Russo’s Accounting Services Beltsville $ 5,000 Operating expenses
S & J Service, Inc. Hyattsville $ 10,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, materials and other operating costs
Sadaco Hyattsville Hyattaville $ 35,000 Rent and working capital
Salon 809 LLC Hyattsville $ 40,000 Operating expenses
Saraniya Fuel Marketing Inc. Accokeek $ 75,000 Payroll, rent, property tax, utility, insurance and other day-to-day operation costs.
Sashelvis Hair Salon 1 Inc Bowie $ 15,000 PPE, sanitation and rent
Savi Group Inc. Hyattsville $ 50,000 rent and payroll
Scott Covington Insurance Agency Inc. Beltsville $ 15,000 Rent, payroll, and utilities.
Sheila Lee & Associates LLC Beltsville $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, and insurance
Shree hari MJ TSC LLC College Park $ 20,000 Rent, Payroll, other operating expenses
Sidnae Global Enterprises Inc. Fort Washington $ 5,000 Rent, payroll, utilities.
Sierras Grill and Taqueria Inc. Beltsville $ 60,000 Payroll, Mortgage/Rent, Utilities: Gas, Electric, Waste, Supplies, Inventory
SKC Trade Zone LLC Upper Marlboro $ 60,000 Lease
SKC Watkins Park LLC Kettering $ 60,000 Lease
Sledge Total Protection Temple Hills $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
Smile Herb Shop Odenton $ 30,000 PPE, Rent, and Payroll
SOA, LLC Lanham $ 15,000 Payroll, rents, professional services, and other operating expenses
SoBe, LLC Lanham $ 20,000 Payroll and fixed costs
Social Supply Upper Marlboro $ 15,000 Payroll, rent, or insurance.
Something Vintage Rentals Temple Hills $ 20,000 Payroll
Sonco Worldwide Inc Beltsville $ 100,000 payroll, rent and other fixed operating expenses
Special Eye Care Lamont Bunyon OD PA Brandywine $ 35,000 Payroll, PPE, and Fixed Operating Expenses
Sports Pro Physical Therapy LLC Fort Washington $ 40,000 Payroll
Sports Pro Physical Therapy South Fort Washington $ 55,000 Payroll
Sugar Rim Bar Fort Washington $ 10,000 Rent, utilities, and accounts payable
Sun Rise Rehab LLC Greenbelt $ 45,000 Payroll, utilities, and mortgage
Sunshinebiz Inc dba Perfume Place Hyattsville $ 40,000 Rent, supplies, utilities etc
Super Hair Braiding LLC Hyattsville $ 75,000 Payroll, Rent and Utilities
Susan Jenkins, P.A. Largo $ 5,000 Rent
Sutter Design Inc Lanham $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, health insurance, loss of income.
Synergy 7 Technologies Corporation Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 Operating Expenses
T & G Commercial Cleaning College Park $ 30,000 PPE and RENT
T & T Heating and Air Conditioning Co. Bowie $ 2,500 Operating Expenses
Tae Enterprises Inc./ Baden Grocery Brandywine $ 25,000 Payroll and rent
Tai Phat Wholesalers LLC Capitol Heights $ 5,000 Rent, payroll, utilities, insurance
Tamara’s LLC Laurel $ 10,000 PPE and Rent
Tangled Roots Lanham $ 10,000 Payroll and operational expenses
Tates Tax Service Hyattsville $ 25,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and software equipment
TD Campbell Trucking LLC Upper Marlboro $ 25,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
TD Emory CPA & Associates Greenbelt $ 20,000 Payroll, Rent, Independent Contractors
Team Taylor Unlimited LLC Fort Washington $ 15,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Terrapin Care Center LLC College Park $ 75,000 PPE, payroll and fixed exp
Thailong Tran DDS LLC Laurel $ 10,000 Payroll
The Beauty Boutique Salon Hyattsville $ 5,000 Lease payments, utilities, insurance, and other operating expenses
The Burton Firm LLC Upper Marlboro $ 20,000 Payroll, rent, utilities, and other operating expenses
The Chappelle Grp LLC Greenbelt $ 35,000 Payroll and fixed exp
The Children’s Fantasy Daycare Hyattsville $ 10,000 PPE and sanitation
The Dynasty Hyattsville $ 25,000 Lease expenses, utilities, and fixed debt
The Essentials Group Laurel $ 5,000 Condo Fees, Repair and Maintenance, Property Taxes
The Hair Marqui LLC Beltsville $ 20,000 Rent and utilities
The Jerk Pit College Park $ 75,000 PPE, Payroll, Rent, and Fixed Expenses
The Law Office of Cynthia Goode Works LLC Largo $ 15,000 Payroll, rent, transportation expenses, malpractice insurance, office supplies, court fees, bar dues, business loans
The Mercy Law Firm LLC Laurel $ 5,000 Rent and overhead expenses
The Modern Muse (Elizabeth Gallauresi DBA The Modern Muse Berwyn Heights $ 5,000 Payroll, mortgage, and PPE
The Nehemiah Group LLC Temple Hills $ 50,000 Operating expenses
The net.America Corporation Upper Marlboro $ 100,000 Payroll, rent and utilities
The Organizing Agency Mount Rainier $ 2,500 Payroll, supplies, and operating expenses
The Pediatric Dental Specialist LLC Bowie $ 10,000 Rent and operating expenses
The Ultimate Fashion Outlet Suitland $ 10,000 Rent and fixed exp
The Village Nail Bar Bowie $ 25,000 Payroll, suppliers, rent, utilities, and other business-critical cash operating costs
Themba Creative Learning Center Lanham $ 110,000 Payroll, mortgage, utilities, marketing and supplies.
Tinker Salome Chris Enterprise LLC Suitland $ 60,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
TLC Plumbing & HVAC National Harbor $ 5,000 Payroll, liability insurance, and operating expenses
Tokiyo Senshi Temple Hills $ 5,000 Working capital and operating expenses
Toms Coach & Travel Bowie $ 50,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
Toth Distribution Service Inc. Bowie $ 100,000 Fixed debt payments and operating costs
Tradewinds International Holdings, LTD dba Tradewinds International Inc Upper Marlboro $ 55,000 Payroll, rent and mortgage payment.
Tri-State Solution of Maryland LLC Upper Marlboro $ 100,000 Payroll, rental equipment loan repayment, maintenance of staffing, and lease
Trim Illusion Bowie $ 5,000 Operating Expenses
Trinity Dental Care Greenbelt $ 30,000 Payroll, operating costs, rent, utilities, and equipment
Trout Holding Inc New Carrolton $ 100,000 Payroll
Truck Barber Inc. Laurel $ 10,000 Payroll
TWA Financials LLC Berwyn Heights $ 20,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
UMCP Inc College Park $ 40,000 Rent, utilities and payroll
Unique Ironworks & Development Brentwood $ 50,000 Payroll and Fixed Operating Expenses
United Insurance Laurel $ 5,000 Payroll, rent, utilites, marketing
United MMA LLC Fort Washington $ 40,000 Payroll and rent
United Schools Associates Inc. Bowie $ 45,000 Payroll, supplies, rent, and fixed debt payments
Universal Barbershop INC. College Park $ 10,000 PPE and Fixed Operating Expenses
University for Tots-Suitland Child Care Center Inc. Suitland $ 75,000 PPE and fixed exp
Upper Extermity and Hand Therapy Upper Marlboro $ 25,000 PPE and Payroll
Upper Marlboro Preferred Properties Upper Marlboro $ 90,000 Payroll, Operating Cost, Utilities, Rent
Utopia Health Center Greenbelt $ 50,000 PPE, rent
Victop LLC – Mathnasium of Woodmore Lanham $ 80,000 payroll, suppliers, rent, fixed debt payments and other business critical cash operating costs.
Vijayalakshmi Jesson DDS PC Beltsville $ 50,000 PPE, Sanitation, and Payroll
Vikadel Enterprises LLC Lanham $ 5,000 Payroll
Visage Dermatology & Aesthetics Center LLC Upper Marlboro $ 10,000 PPE
Visionary Media Productions Fort Washington $ 7,500 PPE
VisionMD Glenn Dale $ 5,000 PPE, sanitation and fixed exp
Visurraga Enterprises LLC Hyattsville $ 10,000 PPE
Volkmann Express Inc Lanham $ 5,000 Operating expenses
Vora Inc. Bowie $ 25,000 Payroll
Warner Super Service Inc Oxon Hill $ 25,000 Payroll, Employeee Benefits, Rent, Utilities Materials
Warren Brothers Construction Upper Marlboro $ 25,000 Rent, Vehicles, Equipment, Phones, Payroll, Benefits, Consultants, etc.
Washington Education Zone LLC Lanham $ 55,000 Payroll, PPE, and Operating expenses
WD Russell Real Estate Company LLC Upper Marlboro $ 20,000 Fixed Operating Expenses
WebHawkx LLC Laurel $ 5,000 Payroll and Rent
William Swann DDS Bowie $ 35,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Wilmarv Investment Group LLC Fort Washington $ 30,000 PPE, Payroll, and Fixed Expenses
Wisetek Solutions Hyattsville $ 100,000 Payroll and PPE
Wolfe Hockey Development LLC Laurel $ 35,000 Rent, payroll, electric, insurance, loan payments as well as normal office operating expenses.
Woodfield Ice Co Upper Marlboro $ 60,000 Payroll, rent, and supplies
World Cleaners of Maryland LLC Hyattsville $ 15,000 Rent and fixed exp
World View Early Learning Center Inc. Brandywine $ 50,000 Payroll, rent, utilities and communications
Worthy and Assoc Realtors LLC Camp Springs $ 20,000 Payroll and operating expenses
Xperience Live LLC National Harbor $ 20,000 Payroll and Fixed Operating Expenses
Y & K Inc. Riverdale $ 25,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities
YBH Inc. College Park $ 75,000 Payroll, PPE, Sanitation, and Operating Expenses
Yklee Newcarousel cleaners Oxon hill $ 10,000 PPE and rent
Yoon & Yoon Inc. Laurel $ 35,000 Payroll, utilities, and rent
You First Health Systems Bowie $ 7,500 Operating Expenses
Zarate Podiatry Riverdale $ 40,000 PPE, Payroll, and Rent
Zavda Technologies Glenn Dale $ 110,000 Payroll and business expenses, i.e. utilities, rents, interest payments, retirement funds, taxes, medical expenses.
Zenovative Solutions LLC Bowie $ 20,000 Payroll and Fixed Operating Expenses
Zest LLC Laurel $ 25,000 Payroll, rent, and utilities

Total: $ 16,157,500


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