FSC First provides access to financing to small and minority businesses through many distinct loan products. The loans are a product of public-private partnerships between a consortium of participating banks, Prince George’s County, the State of Maryland and FSC First.


The Program was created to advance public and private investment in clean energy and other innovative green technologies in Prince George’s County. This fund is a Pepco/Exelon sponsored program that supports an emerging industry in the County with loans up to $250,000 for commercial building energy efficiency improvements, energy conservation & renewable energy measures.

    Program Details

    As part of the Prince George’s County Green Bank, FSC First will administer (originate, underwrite and service) the program to provide financing for building energy efficiency improvements, energy conservation and renewable energy measures.

    Loan Size: Loan, guarantees or loan loss reserve up to $250,000

    Loam Term: Not to exceed 20 years

    Interest Rate: Dependent upon underwriting, typically not exceeding 6%

    Application Fee: 1% of loan amount

    Administration/Program Fees: 1.5% of allocation for software & servicing system licensing & set up

    Loan Closing Fee: 1% of loan amount

    On-going Servicing/Guaranty Fee: 20 bps on outstanding principal balance annually

    Energy Audit or Feasibility Study Required?: Yes

    Eligible Borrowers: Commercial and Industrial Building Owners [Established, credit-worthy organizations that have access to conventional financing, excepting government organizations, universities and community colleges are not eligible]. Borrower must demonstrate that credit was not available elsewhere.

    Eligible Uses: Energy conservation, energy efficiency and clean Renewable energy measures including solar, fuel cells, geothermal, wind and waste-to-energy; enery efficiency & conservation measures including lighting, HVAC, building envelope, renovation or retrofitting of commercial property to reduce energy consumption including high efficiency lighting and building systems, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, high efficiency boilers & furnaces, high efficiency hot water heating systems, combustion & burner upgrades, fuel switching, heat recovery & steam traps, energy management and water conservation; clean transportation including electric vehicle charging stations and innovative approaches & technologies for the same.

    Other Requirements: Borrower agrees to use best efforts to utilize Certified Local, Small and Minority Business Enterprise (LSMBE) participation goals and requirements and specific goals for the hiring of County residents, including annual reporting requirements to ensure compliance with applicable laws. Borrower agrees to use its best efforts to support the County’s interest in expanding procurement opportunities for contractors and vendors who are certified as one of the business enterprises as defined in Section 10A-101 et seq. of the Prince George’s County Code, with a goal to spend 35% with diverse supplierscontractors/vendors.

    Economic Benefits: Offers multiple benefits to a broad range of stakeholders including building owners, municipalities, mortgage holders, lenders and energy efficiency/renewable energy contractors. Job creation. Improve properties, often reducing maintenance and repair costs. In addition, energy measures improve the efficiency, health and comfort of a building.

    Sources of Project Leads: Banks/lenders, Contractors, NGO’s, Associations, EDA’s, Engineers, Architects

    Program Snapshot

    Download Application & Checklist 

    Loan, guarantees or loan loss reserve up to $250,000

    Loan Term
    Not to exceed 20 years

    Interest Rate
    Dependent upon underwriting, typically not exceeding 6%


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