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Ely, Inc. - Accommodating the Finer Art in Life

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Ely, Inc. is a museum service company based in Prince George’s County, Maryland that provides museums and collectors with art and artifact handling, museum quality storage, packaging and crating, mount making, museum exhibition touring, installation, design and consultation services.

In the Washington, DC area, museums are in need of off-site storage for their growing collections.

Ely, Inc. is managed by Bruce Lee and Kelsa Coker. The company obtained a large museum quality storage contract with a government agency.

To accommodate this contract, Ely, Inc. worked with FSC First to obtain a $350,000 Small Business Growth Fund (SBGF) loan. This loan funded the leasehold improvements to expand their museum quality storage.

The majority of the improvements comprised of installing a specialized HVAC system that provides crucial levels of temperature and humidity required to safely store artifacts, antiques and other valued items.

The Ely, Inc. partners own a 10,000 square foot warehouse property located in Prince George’s County, Maryland less than a mile from the new warehouse location. The 10,000 square foot facility is solely owned by Ely, Inc.

Future plans are to sell or lease this property and relocate to the new facility which will result in operations being totally centralized to one location.

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