SBA 504

Hampton Inn & Suites

One of the newest Hilton Worldwide global brands has come to the Branch Avenue Metro area of Prince George’s County. The Hampton Inn & Suites located at 5000 Mercedes Blvd, Camp Springs, MD is part of the transit-oriented development near Joint Base Andrews and brings 117 rooms of Hilton class luxurious guest accommodations. Owned and operated by Shashikant, Raj and Ranak Patel, this family-owned enterprise was funded by the SBA 504 Loan Program administered by FSC First. Facilitated by FSC First, this project was the collaboration of private bank funds, a partner interim lender, the Prince George’s County EDI Fund, the State of Maryland and FSC First creating a capital stack of over $15 million. FSC First was pleased to participate in the financing of this project by providing a $4.7 million SBA 504 fixed rate 20-year mortgage.


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Hampton Inn & Suites
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SBA 504
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