Small Business Growth Fund Success Story

Sandy Bottom Sparkling Rum Cocktails

Sandy Mazza and The Sandy Bottom Enterprises, LLC, parent company of SANDY BOTTOMS Sparkling Rum Cocktails a premium premixed sparkling rum-based cocktail brand with flavors of coconut, lemonade and lime were referred to FSC First by Greg Cole of the Maryland Department of Commerce. The company had been in existence for 8 years, and recently received an order from the MGM National Harbor to add to its growing list of clients. In order to fulfill the MGM order and to meet the growing demand for their premium pre-mixed rum-based cocktail, the company needed immediate access to capital to increase its capacity with their selected distillery and product bottling.

Sandy Mazza had sought funding from several sources that was not obtained. Gregg Cole knew that if funding was possible, FSC First could make it happen! We immediately arranged a meeting that clearly indicated the viability of the company and its planned future success. The company was very responsible, proactive, provided all of the required documentation needed that resulted is the initial funding request being approved and disbursed through the VLT Small Business Flex Fund which led to the company being able to manufacture, package and distribute its product on schedule as planned. Sandy Bottom Cocktails’ 2017 initial sales were so successful that FSC First was able to provide additional VLT Small Business Flex Fund financing for a second production run in 2018.

” As a small business owner with a Minority Business Enterprise Certification, I was pleased to be accepted by FSC First-Prince George’s Financial Services, for a small business loan. My loan funds were designated through the VLT program here in Maryland. These funds provided my company with the ability to produce my beautiful bottles for SANDY BOTTOM Rum Cocktails, and other working capital needs. Thanks FSC team!”
Sandy Mazza, The Sandy Bottom Enterprises, LLC, Founder/CEO

Ms. Mazza is on the road constantly marketing her product and adding new distributors throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. FSC First was pleased to make it possible for The Sandy Bottom Enterprises, LLC-Cheers!

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