Commercial Property Assessment for Clean Energy

Program Guidelines

FSC C-PACE Program Application

Please print the form and forward to FSC First either by email to or fax to 301.883.6160

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The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) Program assists commercial property owners in accessing financing up to 20% of the appraised value to make qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements to commercial properties with loans that are repaid through an annual surcharge on the owner’s property tax bill.
Energy conservation measures, including but not limited to:

  • Solar energy equipment
  • Geothermal energy devices
  • Wind energy systems
  • Water conservation devices
  • Measures or systems or any construction renovation or retrofitting of commercial property to reduce energy consumption including high efficiency lighting and building systems, heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, high efficiency boilers & furnaces, high efficiency hot water heating systems, combustion & burner upgrades, fuel switching, heat recovery & steam traps
  • Building shell or envelope improvements
  • Fenestration improvements
  • Building energy management systems and process equipment upgrades

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Features:Print This Page

  • Minimum Loan Size $25,000
  • Term 20 years
  • Rate Market (determined by Bank)
  • Energy Audit Required
  • $500 Application Fee
  • 1.05% Closing Fee
  • .16% Annual Servicing Fee
  • Supplier Requirements 35% CMBE, CBB or CMBE
  • Job Creation Required 1 job for every $65,000

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