Husein Sharaf, founder, and CEO at Cloudforce, is no stranger to FSC First’s creative and innovative business financing solutions that help stimulate the growth of established and emerging businesses in the State of Maryland. Cloudforce has worked with FSC First since the company’s humble start-up beginnings in National Harbor circa 2015. Today, the Prince George’s County-based nationally acclaimed technology leader is one of National Harbors’ largest tenants, employing over 60 employees.

A cloud computing consultancy specializing in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, Cloudforce engineers Azure-driven business solutions to enable its clients to optimize costs, enhance security, and simplify management and monitoring. It all comes down to thoughtfully applying technology to help businesses operate safer, smarter, and better, and Cloudforce gets it right every time.

Last summer, Cloudforce tripled its square footage and is now looking to complete construction of the remaining 5,000+ square feet of Class A waterfront office space. This current expansion is made possible in part by the FSC First Strive for 35 Loan Fund designed to fund businesses whose services are needed by natural gas utilities. FSC First is pleased to acknowledge Cloudforce’s steady growth as proof positive of our efforts to help empower and support business success for our local communities, counties, and the entire state of Maryland.


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