Cori’s Modern Kitchen & Bar

Cori’s Modern Kitchen & Bar made TripAdvisor’s top 20 Best restaurants list in Camp Springs, MD. On top of that, they average high stars with close to 300 Google reviews. During one of our recent outreach projects, members of the FSC First team experienced the restaurant firsthand and learned why the restaurant was rated as one of the best. Located at 4720 Auth Place, Camp Springs, MD, and just outside the Capital Beltway, the upscale casual American restaurant and bar has outstanding customer service and great-tasting food.

Chef Ryan Wallen owns Cori’s Modern Kitchen & Bar, which is part of the Cor Restaurant Group. We sat down with him for a quick interview. Ryan shared that he always wanted to be an entrepreneur, create his own opportunity, and provide jobs within the community. Observing family members prepare meals, including his parents and grandmother, inspired him to attend culinary school and learn the principles of being a chef.

FSC First was instrumental in supporting the fledgling small business with funds to help the first restaurant of Cor Restaurant Group get started. Ryan explained:

“In the banking system, typically it’s very hard to get funding for startup restaurants, and they [FSC First] believed in our concept, our brand and made sure they did as much as they possibly could…I wouldn’t be here without the help of FSC First.”

FSC First’s ability to structure innovative and creative funding solutions to help support the dreams of entrepreneurs and small business owners is our strong suit. Do not be surprised if you see the Cor Restaurant Group expanding its offerings to the community. Ryan envisions them growing to include other restaurant styles in the future.

We saved a fun question for last and asked Ryan if he were selected to fly to Mars on Space X’s next voyage to the red planet, what would be his last meal on earth? He shared that his last meal would be a tossup between pizza and a cheddar burger, and that’s keeping it 100.


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