Faith to Felicity LLC

Faith to Felicity LLC is the vision of woman veteran founder and owner Toni Tomlin. Spreading the ideals of positivity, faith and great energy are part of the lifestyle this entrepreneur believes in, and her store helps her share it with her customers. Her small specialty retail store, which specializes in hand-crafted jewelry, wellness accessories and clothing, is located at National Harbor. 

After some personal life challenges, she discovered the significance of energy healing, the chakra system and reiki therapy. She coupled this new discovery with her routine of prayer, affirmations, and meditation to enhance her lifestyle. This discovery, her faith and new lifestyle not only helped her overcome the challenges she was facing but also was the inspiration behind establishing Faith to Felicity in 2020. 

One of the main highlights of her handcrafted jewelry are crystals, which for many ancient civilizations from the Egyptians to the Mayans and Sumerians, are believed to hold the power to cleanse, heal, protect and more. Many people believe these benefits hold true today. Visit their website to delve more into the world of crystals, their meanings, and properties.

Creating a space for people to discover her handcrafted energy infused jewelry, accessories, candles, apparel, and more has been an inspiring journey for this store owner. The visionary entrepreneur also started the Sip & String Party and Faith2felicity’s Crystal Café where artisans and creators can showcase their talents and products. This vibrant eclectic marketplace is a celebration of local culture and an opportunity for passionate artists and craftsmen to showcase their diverse array of handcrafted creations to the community. 

Industry market research experts have noted a post-pandemic trend of shopping locally and broader sustainability trends. By maintaining and growing their strong local customer base and offering unique in-store experiences and high quality eco-friendly creations, Faith to Felicity is continuing their successful expansion journey. FSC First supported Faith to Felicity LLC with business expansion through our VLT Flex Fund loan. One of the items on their expansion plans inlcude releasing a new collection. Visit the website for more information and to check out their new collection when it’s released. You can also connect with Faith to Felicity on social media via Facebook and Instagram.


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