Harbor Wines

Harbor Wines, LLC is a single member limited liability company formed in 2016 and owned 100% by Cristina Tufts. Harbor Wines is a wholesaler of wine and spirits. The Company specializes in offering organic, eco-friendly, sustainable, boutique and family owned wines from various countries including her home country of Moldova.

With the assistance of FSC First, Harbor Wine’s received a $203,000 SBA 7(a) Community Advantage/Small Business Growth Fund Loan.

According to Cristina and verified by Wikipedia.org, Moldova has a well-established wine history with a vineyard area of 360,000 acres. The core of their economy is wine making and agriculture. In 2014, Moldova was the 20th largest wine producing country in the world. The country exports approximately $67 Million in bottled wines per year. Cristina’s family (Cantir) had their own vineyard thus she grew up learning family recipes and how to make wine.

This business serves to assist in job creation within 2-3 years, promotes local, small, and minority business, is located in a targeted priority funding area, meets public policy and community development goals, and is woman owned.


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