US Small Business Administration is Seeking Loan Officers to help with Disaster Loans Print This Post

7 Sep 2017 | Under News | Posted by | 0 Comments

The U.S. Small Business Administration is looking for loan officers to assist in issuing disaster relief loans. As recovery efforts begin in Texas and Louisiana, it is clear the damage and devastation from Hurricane Harvey will certainly reach historic levels. Homes, businesses, and lives have been up­rooted by the sheer force of nature, affecting millions of people. While help has poured in from across the country, the road to recovery is going to be long.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is preparing to process an extraordinary number of disaster loan applications, and SBA has already hired hundreds of additional staff to help process these loans. But we need to tap every resource available to keep up with the demand. Because SBA is the Federal government’s primary source of money to help homeowners, renters, businesses, and non-profit organizations recover from disasters, we are looking for additional staff to aid us in our efforts. We are asking for your immediate assistance.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you can recommend any loan officers such as retirees and others with lending experience who can help SBA in processing disaster loans. Loan officers would temporarily be hired by SBA as “Special Government Employees”. They would review and recommend the approval or decline of disaster loans. Individuals interested in participating in this effort would be assigned to either our Fort Worth, Texas, or Sacramento, California office for up to 130 days. SBA would cover all expenses including salary at government rates, travel, lodging, a per diem for meals, and local transportation. Qualified individuals would take a leave of absence from their current job.

If you know someone who is interested but wants to learn more, please have her/him contact Gina Beyer, at